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Men's Wearhouse Volume 1 Men's Wearhouse Volume 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

felt so good

This submission is a fantastic blend of every single element that makes up a good flash movie. Rtil's epic story of George Zimmer's heroic acts against the terrorist scum that didnt like the way he looked left me longing for another story. The submissions by psychomidget and Starberry were both intriguing and very well done as well. Everyone did a very great job on this collab and I hope to see more collabs and flashes of such high quality from these artists again in the near future.

Starberry responds:

GO!GO!7188 (go go nana ichi hachi hachi), also known as GO!GO! 7188 and simply Gogo, is a Japanese rock band with a strong surf influence. The band was formed in June of 1998 by Yumi Nakashima (nicknamed Yuu) and Akiko Hamada (nicknamed Akko), both alumnae of the same year at Shoyo High School in Kagoshima, Kyûshû. The band's drummer, Turkey, joined in 1999 and they debuted on Breast/milia, a division of Capitol Records (Toshiba-EMI) in 2000. The meaning of the band's name is known only to its members.